Thanksgiving 1967

Thanksgiving 1967

Thanksgiving 1967

We grew up in Youngstown, Ohio and remember well the Thanksgiving when our family of nine ate our holiday meal at The Tavern in New Wilmington. It was our mother’s idea, and when she announced, “This year, we are going OUT,” it was a radical departure from tradition.

We were joined by another family and together, our group numbered at least 15. We sat upstairs, and remember the waitresses wore crisp white aprons. The table was so long it looked like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting once we all were seated around it.

There was cornbread and tons of stuffing throughout the meal, and the turkey was delicious. Best of all, it tasted homemade. Our mother probably enjoyed it the most because she didn’t have to cook or clean up afterwards. Although that was our only visit to The Tavern, it is a treasured childhood memory. So glad you are restoring this landmark!

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Mary Beth Bardin Grapevine, TX
Janet Christopher Canfield, OH

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