Reviving Tradition in Amish Country

Explore the rich history and inspiring journey of the Noble family as they bring a
beloved 91-year-old restaurant back to life in the heart of New Wilmington.

Our story is one of passion, community, and the relentless pursuit of preserving a 91-year-old legacy. With a commitment to farm-to-table dining, a carefully curated mercantile, convenient to-go options, and a versatile event center, we're more than just a restaurant; we're a four-part endeavor designed to serve the diverse needs and desires of our cherished guests. Discover the rich history and heartfelt journey that have brought The Tavern on the Square to life and join us as we continue to write new chapters in our story.

Meet the Founders

Matt Noble


Maggie Noble


The Tavern History


The Birth of the Original Tavern

108 North Market Street is built as a home and doctor's office, serving as a stop on the Underground Railroad.


A Revival

An enterprising young woman and her husband purchase 108 North Market Street and relocate their restaurant to the historic building, initially as a tavern during prohibition, which did not sell alcohol.

The restaurant accumulates more than 90 years of rich history.


Noble Family Comes to Town

The Noble family, drawn to the picturesque countryside of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, relocated to the area, where they established their home in one of the town's oldest houses, seamlessly integrating into the local community. Grateful for their newfound surroundings, they expressed their commitment to the community's growth. This dynamic couple, who jointly engage in designing, building, cultivating and cooking, embarked on an exciting new chapter in their life's journey.


Resurrecting an Icon

The Noble family is currently working on their ambitious plan to resurrect the 91-year-old iconic restaurant in the heart of true Amish Country. Visit our "Journal" page for more details.

The Future of The Tavern

The Tavern on the Square is a visionary project, set to become a multifaceted, four-part endeavor. The heart of this ambitious venture is a top-notch restaurant, where guests can savor farm-to-table dining and drinks, offering a culinary experience that is deeply rooted in tradition. In addition to the restaurant, The Tavern will also feature a charming mercantile, offering a selection of handpicked goods that reflect the unique character of the region. For those on the go, there will be a convenient to-go service, ensuring that the flavors of The Tavern can be enjoyed wherever you are. Lastly, as part of their vision, The Tavern is set to become a versatile event center, providing a picturesque backdrop for various gatherings and celebrations. This four-fold approach aims to create a diverse and vibrant community space that preserves the rich history of the area while embracing the future.