Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

Marty and Mary Capoferri have become close friends. Matt and I met them on our first trip to New Wilmington’s farmers’ market. I had no idea how wrapped-up we’d become. The Capoferri’s have run the market for years. I started volunteering sporadically on the grill, flipping egg sandwiches. Then we bought The Tavern and the relationship grew accordingly. Mary and Marty know every farmer there is around here, so they are important resources for us with this farm-to-table venture. We also happen to like them and their industrious/hippie/New Jersey/Berkeley personalities plus, Mary’s a great cook. Anyway, I’ll let Marty take it from here. They are his words below. Thank you, Marty.

Happy Holidays Friends,

Maggie Noble

Well, I’m not much for expression but I must tell you I have a story.

The “comeback” picture in the Tavern website homepage brought back a vivid memory.

It was Christmas time, 2011. My company, headquartered in Granby Quebec, just acquired a company in New Castle in May 2011. My partners and our spouses were here for our first  company Christmas party. So on a free night, I was charged with dinner plans for our group of eight. Being very new in the area and always wanting to support local business I decided that we’d have our Christmas dinner in the town we lived in. Doing my due diligence I realized the Tavern was a BYO beverage establishment. And upon further  inquiry realized the township was a dry community.

OK no problem we can work around this.

Québécois love their food and wine. We brought our wine and ordered our food. The table we were seated at is the one in the “Comeback” photo here on the new website. We were a very lively group in what was seemingly a very quiet room. The waitress was having fun with us and we had a grand time telling stories of our new business venture and catching up on our family situations. What we did not expect when we all took pause and looked around us at 8:30 was that the room was empty. We did not know at the time if it was us being boisterous or the normal time the restaurant usually emptied.

After many more visits with my family I realized the Tavern crowd usually cleared out around this time.  It was a memorable night with my partners and friends and was happy to have it in the township we lived in. The Tavern was my go place to have a meal and I do miss it. We look forward to a  renaissance in town and this new venture may be the catalyst to make it happen. Hope we can have our table back for a Christmas dinner again.

- Marty Capoferri

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